Reference data service platform
Date News
13-Dec-2011 Listpoint v1. Rebranding, performance and usability improvementsMore...
07-Apr-2011 CLMS wins the Police Force Technology award at the Emergency Services Awards 2011
24-Mar-2011 Release 5.4b. Fix for database performance problems
21-Mar-2011 Concesssion contract signed with Liberata to operate CLMS on behalf of Police and NPIA
14-Oct-2010 CLMS service split over two servers: Secure CJX (for Police and CJX users) and Public
23-Jul-2010 Release 5.4. Copy functions, bug fixes and performance improvements. More...
27-May-2010 Move to new servers, Windows 2008 and SqlServer 2008
12-Feb-2010 Release 5.3b. Bug fixes and performance improvements. More...
23-Dec-2009 Release 5.3. Auto-mapping and performance improvements. More...
17-Sep-2009 Release 5.2c. Fix for bug #1224 affecting performance of Code List and Mapping editors when using IE6. More...
09-Sep-2009 Release 5.2b. Bug fixes + Meanings in Context Map downloads. More...
07-Jul-2009 Release 5.2. Uploads and security enhancements. More...
03-Apr-2009 Release 5.1b. Filtering for browser editing functions. More...
06-Mar-2009 Transition to new production hardware.
03-Feb-2009 Release 5.1 of new production framework. Browser editing of Context Maps, difference reports and more.
28-Oct-2008 Release 5.0 of new production framework. Browser editing of Code Lists. Oracle support for Workbench
30-Jun-2008 Workbench: Filters on mapping tool
03-Jun-2008 Website: Context download performance improved. Workbench: Better mapping tool
22-May-2008 Website: performance improvements, Map downloads & Communities. Workbench: performance improvements, SQL Server ODBC support
09-Apr-2008 Website improvements including multi-level version numbers, further business rules and performance enhancements
19-Mar-2008 New version of the Workbench featuring drag and drop Map editing
15-Jan-2008 Fixes to URLs sent out in emails
10-Dec-2007 New version of Web Services layer and change of name to CLMS
5-Nov-2007 Database restructured for improved performance and to support forthcoming functional enhancements
27-Sep-2007 CVMS Workbench tool v1.1 released. This replaces the old CVMS Editor, which has been retired.
04-Jul-2007 Restructured web services and fixed download bugs
8-May-2007 Improved History tabs
26-Apr-2007 Deprecation of Contexts and CV Sets
12-Apr-2007 PITO->NPIA, improvements to login, XML downloads, and spaces in Permalinks now work ok
22-Mar-2007 Improvements to search: speed, functionality.
24-Oct-2006 Suite of Web Services implemented. Spreadsheet download now working.
29-Sep-2006 Proof of Concept user testing completed! PITO Performance Indicator 18 achieved on time.
8-Aug-2006 Performance improvements.
18-Jul-2006 Context XML download added.
5-Jul-2006 Search bugs fixed
30-Jun-2006 Latest CV data migrated to Live environment
28-Jun-2006 Systest, UAT and Live environments created with menu to choose between them.
27-Jun-2006 XML and CSV downloads added.
22-Jun-2006 Phase 4 website launched. No CV Set editing yet. No Web Services.