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Let Listpoint make the difference to your data integration project

Systems and data integrators around the world are already seeing the benefits of using Listpoint as a smart, cost-effective, means to compliment their solutions and overcome many problems associated with reference data (code lists), in integration projects:

  • Which standards to adopt?
  • Where do I find and manage them?
  • How to join all standards together?
  • How do I limit the number and complexity of interfaces?
  • How do I perform efficient back record conversion?
  • How do I maintain data quality and integrity once built?

Listpoint is the proven alternative to the top down method of data management. It embraces all standards in a single repository and provides the tools to link competing and/or parallel reference data together. Management of reference data has never been better served and Listpoint can now positively impact projects by providing projects with efficiency gains and cost savings.

The Listpoint advantage

The traditional approach to managing reference data or code lists has been to agree a single, consolidated standard which is then applied, top down, across all relevant systems and processes. Whilst this outcome delivers many benefits, the practical application can lead to delays in decision making, unbudgeted cost or even total project failure.

Feature Benefit Subscription

Find and reuse ‘Public’ code lists from one source

Efficiency gains, cost saving and crowd sourced provenance.

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Download code lists in human and machine readable formats

Easy manipulation using XML, SKOS and spreadsheet formats

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Publish and validate code lists using inbuilt business rules

Improve the quality of existing code lists to help deliver and maintain improved data quality

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Map parallel code lists together

  • Use this translation layer for your systems to efficiently join information together.
  • Efficient back record conversion
  • Significantly reduce the number of interfaces


Create contexts (Group code lists together for systems, projects, industry or interest groups)

Users can identify the provenance of a code list based on its usage within a context and therefore quickly identify suitable reference data for their needs

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Change control and distribution via Alerts and Web Services

Maintains data quality and integrity by informing users systems when a code list, mapping or context has changed


Use Listpoint as a component to enhance your own service offerings. Find out more about how Listpoint can make a difference to your data integration project by speaking to one of our experts today.

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