Reference data service platform

Getting started

Listpoint provides you with a free platform to find existing code lists and validate the quality of your own code lists. Whether this is for private or public re-use, for building apps, supporting data integration projects or simply looking to improve data quality, the validation process will give you an instant and free return. With extensive business rules embedded in this process, you can be assured of data improvements in just a few easy steps.

Getting started with Listpoint is easy. You can:

  • Find existing code lists, published as 'public' for your use
  • Publish your own code lists as either 'public' for sharing or 'private' for personal or project use
  • Instantly improve the quality of your reference data by applying the business validation rules that meet your needs
  • Export your new and improved code lists

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And don’t forget to use the Listpoint wiki guide to help you start making the most of Listpoint today.