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MS DOS Command Codes
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Constrained Values
ParentValueMeaningEff FromEff To
ansi.sys Defines functions that change display graphics, control cursor movement, and reassign keys.   
append Causes MS-DOS to look in other directories when editing a file or running a command.   
arp Displays, adds, and removes arp information from network devices.   
assign Assign a drive letter to an alternate letter.   
assoc View the file associations.   
at Schedule a time to execute commands or programs.   
atmadm Lists connections and addresses seen by Windows ATM call manager.   
attrib Display and change file attributes.   
batch Recovery console command that executes a series of commands in a file.   
bootcfg Recovery console command that allows a user to view, modify, and rebuild the boot.ini   
break Enable / disable CTRL + C feature.   
cacls View and modify file ACL's.   
call Calls a batch file from another batch file.   
cd Changes directories.   
chcp Supplement the International keyboard and character set information.   
chdir Changes directories.   
chdsk Check the hard disk drive running FAT for errors.   
chkntfs Check the hard disk drive running NTFS for errors.   
choice Specify a listing of multiple options within a batch file.   
cls Clears the screen.   
cmd Opens the command interpreter.   
color Easily change the foreground and background color of the MS-DOS window.   
command Opens the command interpreter.   
comp Compares files.   
compact Compresses and uncompress files.   
control Open Control Panel icons from the MS-DOS prompt.   
convert Convert FAT to NTFS.   
copy Copy one or more files to an alternate location.   
ctty Change the computers input/output devices.   
date View or change the systems date.