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Enumerated Data Type
Telecommunications, Computers, and the Internet v1
ITU Public Telegram Services Codes
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Constrained Values
ParentValueMeaningEff FromEff To
APHAD We are debiting you.   
ASSUM Cannot give better address.   
ATFIX Give full address.   
ATHAS State name and address of sender.   
ATJAW Give name of addressee.   
AYGUM Please have address confirmed by sender.   
AYHAW Read name of addressee __________.   
AYJET Read telegraph office of destination as __________.   
AZBIN Sender’s contact address is __________.   
AZFOP __________ blank, diverted.   
AZGUN Cancel __________ for abstract and accounting purposes.   
AZJEW Cancel, error of service.   
AZKEG Cancel our number __________.   
AZRED Cancel, misrouted.   
BABBA Cancel at sender’s request.   
BABSO Telegram (or service telegram/advice) number __________ cancelled.   
BACYS Blank numbers __________.   
BADPO Shall we cancel?   
BINZA Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) does not admit this class of traffic.   
CEPAD In our number __________number of words __________ correct.   
CESAP Wrong number of words __________ actuals received.   
CODUN Read number of words in __________ as __________.   
ENRAM Propose diverting __________ traffic via you. Advise if you can clear without delay   
EVLOW Your __________apparently miscirculated to us, message held awaiting your instructions   
GYLIL Complaint of delay. Give time received and delivered (reforwarded) and explain any delay   
HAGAS Confirm time of acceptance __________, complaint of delay.   
HAPIG Delay due to __________.   
HETIN Explain delay.   
HOMAT No delay.   
JAJAR Can you now deliver?