Reference data service platform
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Code Maps
CodeMeaningEff FromEff To
APHADWe are debiting you.  
ASSUMCannot give better address.  
ATFIXGive full address.  
ATHASState name and address of sender.  
ATJAWGive name of addressee.  
AYGUMPlease have address confirmed by sender.  
AYHAWRead name of addressee __________.  
AYJETRead telegraph office of destination as __________.  
AZBINSender’s contact address is __________.  
AZFOP__________ blank, diverted.  
AZGUNCancel __________ for abstract and accounting purposes.  
AZJEWCancel, error of service.  
AZKEGCancel our number __________.  
AZREDCancel, misrouted.  
BABBACancel at sender’s request.  
BABSOTelegram (or service telegram/advice) number __________ cancelled.  
BACYSBlank numbers __________.  
BADPOShall we cancel?  
BINZARecognized Operating Agency (ROA) does not admit this class of traffic.  
CEPADIn our number __________number of words __________ correct.  
CESAPWrong number of words __________ actuals received.  
CODUNRead number of words in __________ as __________.  
ENRAMPropose diverting __________ traffic via you. Advise if you can clear without delay  
EVLOWYour __________apparently miscirculated to us, message held awaiting your instructions  
GYLILComplaint of delay. Give time received and delivered (reforwarded) and explain any delay  
HAGASConfirm time of acceptance __________, complaint of delay.  
HAPIGDelay due to __________.  
HETINExplain delay.  
HOMATNo delay.  
JAJARCan you now deliver?  
JAMEG__________ claimed registered address good, messages previously sent to same address duly delivered  
JARAG__________claims misdelivered. Give particulars of delivery.  
JEHATDeliver to __________.  
JIDEWDelivered to and accepted by ___________.  
JIFAGDelivered to registered address __________.  
JIHAWDelivery office closed.  
JIJAYDuly delivered.  
JOHAYGive particulars of receipt and delivery.  
JOKIDState date and time of delivery.  
JUFAR__________ is a reply to your __________. Can you now deliver?  
JUJEWMessage has been called for.  
JUKITMessage received at __________ and delivered at __________.  
JYBAGNow delivered, called for.  
JYDOTNow delivered to and accepted by __________. (complete address)  
JYGUSNow cleared to ship. Cancel advice of non-delivery.  
JYSUMRe-tender and advise.  
MAHPOWhy was it not delivered?  
MAJPAForward by mail.  
MANAGForwarding by mail.  
MATIS__________ still on hand as communication not established since receipt.Message(s) will be retained for further trial unless otherwise instructed