Reference data service platform

Challenges created by inconsistent reference data

How can I leverage all the powerful information that exists in my IT systems? How can I make business critical decisions when I have multiple applications with different representations of customer types, regions, products and delivery methods? How can I deliver results quickly whilst keeping costs down?

These are just some of the challenges faced by those working at the leading edge of the new digital economy.

But the benefit of efficient reference data management is instant, overcoming many of the challenges that exist when employing more traditional approaches to consolidating data and legacy applications.

Listpoint is the answer, a new concept in Reference Data Management, combining the best of RDM tools with a platform that hosts industry standards and broadcasts change. By embracing and making sense of all reference data it removes reliance on large top down IT efforts or silod, bottom up approaches. Listpoint is a dedicated reference data management service, it eases the pain by creates greater choice for business data steward’s.

A Dedicated Platform

The traditional approach to managing reference data and other master data is in the use of spreadsheets. This is by far the most common method but creates problems such as:

  • Slow manual entry
  • Poor version control
  • Poor change control
  • Complicated validation process

Alternatives exist but are often embedded in applications such as MDM solutions, have limited capability and come at a high cost.

Listpoint is a dedicated, purpose built service for reference data management tools to ease process, improve quality and maintain governance. This capability is combined with a single point of discovery for existing industry standards, aiding reuse and driving outcomes.

The pain of managing reference data just went away.

  • A single hub for industry standards
  • Broadcasts change to users, systems and members
  • Creates a translation layer for making sense of all data sources
  • Supports retirement of legacy systems
  • Lowers the cost of data integration projects

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